Modified insoles with a carbon fiber base

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Performance based Stndhere insole with piling technology.  Piling technology allows for the proprioception of feeling rooted to the ground. The insole in your shoe is converted into a Stndhere insole plus a carbon fiber base is included.

You will need to send the insole out of the shoe that you will be using the Stndhere insoles with to Barrunning. 

We take care of the rest from there. This is a semi custom insoles as a base template will be used to convert your insole into a Stndhere insole using piling technology.

There is no further modification necessary once you receive the insole. Just insert back into and shoe.

The carbon fiber base will have a silicone coating on the bottom to enhance proprioception. The carbon fiber base is .01 mm thick.

The Stndhere insole with piling technology is the only insole that guides you where you stand on your feet. 

weight of carbon fiber insoles is about .3 ounces 

Thickness of carbon fiber is 1mm and the 3d bump is 3mm