First Option pronation hybrid insole

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The pronation insole plus the 3D carbon fiber insole gives you a whole new way to connect your feet to the movement.

The First Option insoles is designed to promote movement first. Pronation through the edge of the big toe. Pronation at the ankle and pronation of the foot are separate events that you can control. These two movements together gives you freedom to move as you want to move not how the shoe wants you to move.

It is designed to promote congruent movement between the foot and pelvis. While providing room for the big toe to move within the footwear.

Great all around insole. Can be used in any shoe for any activity.

Can be used in ski boots, cycling shoe and skates.

What is included?

A 3D dual axis carbon fiber insole L/R and the patent pending Kevlar first option L/R.  pronation insole. 
This is a custom product. No returns no refunds.

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