Secret Sauce 3 stack insole

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Purpose: To give you extra bounce in your stride

Perfect for: Runners and sprinters


Have you been looking for the ultimate performance insole combination to maximize your running performance? The Secret Sauce 3 Stack is your answer, creating more bounce and giving you that extra performance edge.


The Secret Sauce 3 Stack insole is the First Option Pronation Insole, plus the original 3D insole separated by two carbon fiber inserts.




What is included?

A top and bottom layer for each foot: a 3D dual axis carbon fiber and a patent pending Kevlar first option pronation insole plus an additional 2 pieces to adjust the stack height and make the insole harder.


Total thickness of both insoles: Each piece is 1mm

Total weight: Less than 1 ounce


This is a custom insole. You will have to send in traces of  your foot to Barrunning. We handle the rest.


Be sure to handle carefully as the carbon fiber is paper thin with sharp edges