Tensegrity Dual composite insoles

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Dual composite insoles with piling technology. Tensegrity top plus the 3D base insole.

Piling with foot

The dual composite insoles allows for the  top insole to provide a solid base and for the bottom to provide directional tension

The kevlar top with piling technology integrated into it, is soft and compliant as it provides a solid base for the 5 arches of the foot to interact with. The Kevlar top insole has a 1mm neoprene backing and a top microsuede for grip.

The bottom  3d carbon fiber insoles provides a solid foundation for the top insoles structure along with tension control. 

The total thickness of both insole combine is about 2.75mm. The total weight is about 3 oz.

Piling in shoe

This is a custom insoles. You will have to send in trace out of  your foot to Barrunning and then we handle the rest.


They are designed to replace the factory insole.

skier, skaters, cyclists insole do not have the neoprene backing. 

The main movement of the body occurs between the feet and the pelvis. Compression creates tension, this compression/tension relationship is called tensegrity. 

Be sure to handle carefully as the carbon fiber is paper thin with sharp edges.